Want to increase website subscribers using Sumo?

Have you ever wondered if products like Sumo (a.k.a Sumome) or Icegram really build your email subscriber list or are you seeking a Sumo alternative? There are many companies that claim they can increase subscribership by as much as 1000%. Look at this photo:

Increase website subscribers

Brian Dean of Backlinko catapulted his subscriptions by 785% with this strategy.

Authority Hacker used a single content upgrade to collect over 11,000 emails.

Those are amazing results. All of those tactics work. The best tactic is offering something for FREE. We all want free information. Isn’t that why we surf the internet? Looking for an answer to our questions?

Sumo List Builder

Well, I decided to put one of these products to work. I purchased a subscription to Sumo. I purchased the Sumo Pro Small plan during an infomercial pitch.  Today, this plan is no longer offered. Sumo made a lot of claims to help set up the software — they did not help. They had little to no tutorials available. I guess they followed the same principle most mobile application development companies use — figure it out on your own. O.K. So I did.

Sumo Setup Process

The first step was setting up a few welcome mat. I created this one in December 2016. It was a simple popup. All I was going to do was test it.

Jeffrey Buskey


The results were very poor. Matter of fact, every pop up I created to build my subscriber list resulted in less than 5 subscribers. Well, you could argue that the pop up’s were of terrible content. I did use a simple tactic like giving away someone thing free — which I did — see “Looking to double your traffic”, 3rd item down.

Look at this analytic:

Sumo Analytics

But in all honesty, I hate pop-ups. I think they are annoying sales and marketing tools. Many times, I will leave a website when I can not find the “X” to close out of the pop-up. Many businesses will create a pop-up and disable the “X” so they will force you to enter your email address to view the blocked content.

These results are pretty crappy. You could argue that my website is not getting a lot of traffic, but that is not the case.

Sumo Alternative: Social Login

So what did I do to increase my subscribers? Well, it was pretty simple. I found a WordPress plugin called Social Login created by Claude Schlesser. The setup process was very easy. Integration is all API based which simplifies the setup process. All you do is setup your subdomain, public and private key, and API endpoint. Then you select your social media icons that users will use to connect with you. My setup looks like this:

OneAll Social LoginSocial login provides all connectivity to every social media site.

Social Login Plugin Results

What happened later was most impressing. Users started connecting with me. I increased my subscriber list by more than 5,000% in the first month. Before I show you the results, let me clarify one thing. I was very disappointed with Sumo email subscriber feature. I checked my email list daily. I was getting depressed not seeing any subscribers.

I decided to turn on the notification feature to view new user registration using Social login. After too many notifications, I setup a “rule” that removed all notifications from my inbox and put them into my junk box in Outlook. This is only a sample of my junk box.

One Social Login

One Social LoginOne Social Login


Outlook’s default junk email box is setup to delete email after 30 days. Otherwise, I would show you all the new registered users. These three screenshots total equals 50 new users in 3 days. [Update: since writing this blog, my subscriber list has increased by 88 new registered users in 5 days]. I’m telling you, Social Plugin is the best Sumo alternative to building your email list — and its FREE.

In retrospect, using Sumo List Builder feature obtained 18 subscribers in 12 months, for a cost of $280. Acquisition cost per user was $15.66 each. The cost to acquire a new subscriber using One Social was ZERO dollars. My email subscriber list exceeds the 10,000 mark.

Many bloggers and marketing executive agree that content remains “king” in obtaining subscribers. I also agree. What I do not agree on is wasting money on products like Sumo when there are alternative on the market. I have no relationship with Social One. I don’t know the owner. I did not get paid for writing blogs.

I wrote this blog to inform other bloggers about an alternative product to Sumo that is FREE.

Thanks for reading. Please share if you enjoyed reading this blog.

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