10 Skills to Outsmart a Robot in the Workplace

Disruption in the workforce is inevitable.

The robots are coming. There is no way to stop them. They will have a profound impact on the employment landscape. The impact will be significant. The effect will be global. People will be displaced by automation creating an increase in productivity. The skills gap will widen requiring employers and educational institutions to seek out new curriculum to develop or enhance the skills of the labor force.

The most in-demand occupation didn’t exist 10 years ago in various industries. And guess what? The pace is going to accelerate as technology continues to advance. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is moving full steam ahead. According to Payscale.com, 65% of tomorrow’s workers will have jobs that don’t exist today. New jobs will be created in areas that don’t exist today.

10 Skills you will need to outsmart a robot in the workplace:

#1. Complex Problem Solving — understanding things that machines can’t is KEY to staying ahead

#2. Critical Thinking — being analytical, open-minded reasoning will be a sought-after skill

#3. Creativity – a quality that may elude even the most powerful artificial intelligence

#4. People Management – robots cannot match the empathy, teamwork, and a sense of humor that a human has.

#5. Working with others — both teams and individuals thrive on good collaboration

#6. Emotional Intelligence – empathy and understanding lead to a more harmonious workplace

#7. Judgment and Decision Making  – humans still have the final say

#8. Service Orientation — offering customers added value

#9. Negotiations – a key survival skill that the rise of machines will not change

#10. Cognitive Flexibility – Having the ability to switch working styles on demand

No matter how advanced artificial intelligence becomes, no matter how human-like a robot looks, no matter how a humanoid walks or talks, they will never mimic a real human touch. Machines can replace repetitive tasks that do not require human interaction. But I don’t think, humans

Are you ready for the workplace of the future?