My mission is to help companies sell more products and services by educating, coaching, and leading sales contributors through social selling, inbound marketing, and through Selling 2.0 calling techniques.

My mission is to help companies sell more products and services by educating and enabling salespeople to spend less time prospecting and more time consulting by providing an account based marketing strategy that produces high value targets achieving higher conversion rates and a customer for life.

Jeffrey Buskey


Twenty-eight years ago Jeff landed his first job in corporate America as a Corporate Trainer for HBO. Later on, he transitioned into the technology industry where he spent the best part of his years as a sales contributor, receiving numerous sales excellence awards.

He realized that there was a missing piece in the technology industry in supply chain management. Jeff founded and divested his first startup after 4 years. 

His next calling was executive management where he uses his talent to remove roadblocks, solves business issues, coach’s and mentors sales contributors to become rockstar sales contributors. 

During his FREE time, his uses his experience in sales and marketing to help startup’s and small businesses grow their brand by applying account-based marketing principles, providing leadership direction on sales enablement best practices, coaching sales teams on prospecting, creating value, and how to use insights to create a conversation with a prospect. 

Jeff is a problem solver. He enjoys restructuring complacent organizations, disrupting mediocre work, and building rock-solid sales organizations. He is a troubleshooter. By applying his experience in sales and marketing, the impact can be incredible. The rewards are outstanding by increasing market share and revenue, lowering costs and improve overall business performance. 

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