Jeffrey Buskey

Passion to Lead, Influence, and Build Sales Teams

Managing your business is a big endeavor. Managing your sales team takes experience. Trying to manage your business and your sales team takes time. Most business owners don’t have the bandwidth to do both.

With more than 25 years of sales and sales management, I am confident that my firm can evaluate your current sales team, infrastructure, sales methodology, and determine the best approach to revitalize your sales organization. The old fashion way of selling — picking up the phone and dialing works only 5% of the time. Learn today’s way of selling.

If you are a startup or small business seeking advice on building a sales team, growing your existing one, or a sales contributor challenged by not meeting your sales quota, I would be happy to meet me you to determine how I can help to become a sales rockstar.


As an executive leader, what keeps you up at night?


Do these 4 challenges sound familiar? 


Drive More Revenue

Every business owner faces this challenge daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Shareholders look forward to dividends. Analysts predict stock price and future growth. But it the business owner or CEO who going to lead the company to achieve the hurdle. How?


Shorten the Sales Cycle

If you are a commodity purchasing agent, it’s easy to send out an RFP to acquire a widget at the lowest possible price. As the supplier, sales cycles are short and not complex. As a solutions provider, sales cycle are typically long and complex. If there was a method to decrease the selling cycle, would you be interested in learning how?

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Generate More Leads

Leads. Leads. Leads. The foundation of closing a deal. Are they inbound or outbound? Is your marketing strategy paying off? Are the phones ringing off the hook? Are your sales reps complaining that they can’t follow up fast enough? Wish this was your problem to solve?  Sure you do!

Can you predict your revenue stream? 

If there was a magical solution on creating a pipeline that was 5 times the company sales objective, would you want to know the formula?


Increase Market Share

Have your competitors been eating up your market share? Do you see sales decreasing, inventory turnover decreasing, and market share dwindling to single digit number? Do you have any idea why growth is diminishing? 

Have you considered any possible reasons? Poor branding? Product defect? Have your sales contributors lost a lack of direction? Are you ready to engage in the new sales process to increase market share?

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If you are seeking answers to these 4 business problems, then WE need to talk 

Conducting business has changed. A new landscape has formed. Its called digital. The complexity of selling has created a new paradigm shift. It is time to adapt, create new sales strategies, and build a healthy pipeline.

Grant Buskey Consulting provides solution in the following areas

Social Media

Selling through social media is the new way of engagement. Are you following best practices? Lets us show you how to engage with key decision makers using social media.

Sales Coaching

Has your team lost their drive or motivation for selling? Do you understand the underlying problems of loss in productivity? Maybe it is time to bring in an outsider to evaluate your current working conditions.  

Interim Sales Leader

Executive leaders come and go. Most of them don’t stay around if they are not challenged or do not have full autonomy to create change. If your business is seeking an interim sales leader, we can help.  

Open for Hire

Finding the right sales leader can be challenging. Finding a leader that leads by developing the team though behavioral modification, creating structure, and using real time data to measure success is what defines a true leader. 


Selling is an art. Art takes practice. Having the experience to implement sales cadence, sales enablement tools, and sales playbooks come from years of experience.